Tuesday, October 11, 2011


you write

it does not
necessarily me-

it is

or good, as in,
robin williams' monologue


it will never be a
belt made out of

if the words
at least
across the page

are in the shape of
a tree

then the 30 seconds

or the 30 days
it took

that much
of a


don't feel bad about

any - more

you earned it.

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Silver Jews discography

Download if you're lonely tonight..

Starlite Walker(1994)

The Arizona Record(1993)

The Natural Bridge(1996)

American Water(1998)

Bright Flight(2001)

Tennessee EP(2001)

Tanglewood Numbers(2005)

Lookout Mountain, Look Out Sea(2008)

i miss you DALLAS

I passed the thirteenth floor
the CPR was so erotic
a blizzard blew in through the door
and little glowing cum buckets in her ankles

O Dallas you shine with an evil light
O Dallas you shine with an evil light
How did you turn a billion steers
into buildings made of mirrors,
and why am I drawn to you tonight?

Once you taste the geometry of a church in a cul-de-sac
you're gonna want to sit with the bad kids in the back
Cruising down Commerce
killing time in the blazing sun
Is it true your analyst was a placekicker for the Falcons?

We saw B.B.King on General Hospital
in the Oak Cliff dramhounse where we stayed
and when Clancy whipped her with his belt buckle
he cleaned her cuts and then we prayed
O Dallas you shine with an evil light
Don't you know that God stays up all night?
And how did you turn a billion steers
into buildings made of mirrors,
and why am I drawn to you tonight?

Watching the makeup girls make out with the mannequins
"Hey boys, supper's on me, our record just went aluminum"

Poor as a mouse every morning
rich as a cat every night
Some kind of strange magic happens
when the city turns on her lights

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this is how a woman's snatch is supposed to look....
good grief......

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Burzum - Fallen


FALLEN (2011)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Galaxie 500 discography

been drinkin' lots of beer and crying to these albums. join me in my spiral down from the cliffs of the days misfortune, on down to the valleys of drunken tears. bring booze.


On Fire(1989)

This Is Our Music(1990)

J Mascis - Several Shades of Why

New J Mascis acoustic album released on Sub Pop

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if i could fuck a mountain
lord i would
a mountain
and i'd do it
with a woman
in the

Sunday, January 9, 2011

almost living

And when I talked to my friends
And found out that you're having fun
That you're swallowing life
That you're in the sun
That you're fucking around
You're growing a new one
I bellow out my voice
I yell out loud
I have my shirt off in front of a crowd
I tell em about you, and how you're gone.......

But in my lying
Don't I have you in my mind the entire time
Yeah, I can leave all the places we went
But I can't leave without my bones you bent
So I hobble along
And now it's me who's gone
And now it's me who has your fear of opening hearts
And all the false starts we could tear apart
With this deep gouging biting back
With this way that you get all my friends in the sack
But whats left?
I scream as I look up at night
Where the novelty has worn off of your light
What gives? and I roll on the ground
Who cares? I yell and there's no answering sound
And there's nobody around
And then my answer was found

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Friends and I skating portland

Tom Waits discography

i think sometimes this ends up looking like a Tom Waits fan blog, but hey, he's a stud and my favorite artist. i'm gonna post his discography here, no compilations though, straight albums. get wet with this special blend of rugged suaveness you'd find in a southern california trash bend:

Closing Time 1973

The Heart of Saturday Night 1974

Nighthawks at the Diner 1975

Small Change 1976

Foreign Affairs 1977

Blue Valentine 1978

Heartattack and Vine 1980

One From The Heart Soundtrack 1982

Swordfishtrombones 1983

Rain Dogs 1985

Franks Wild Years 1987

Night on Earth Soundtrack 1992

Bone Machine 1992

The Black Rider 1993

Mule Variations 1999

Blood Money 2002

Alice 2002

Real Gone 2004

Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards 2004 Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3