Friday, August 28, 2009

Leonard Cohen

To me, leonard cohen is one of the greatest singer-song writers of all time, and also my favorite. over dylan, mccartney, lennon, berry, donovan, bowie, reed all of em' that i love. He's also one of my favorite writers of all time, which he did previously before making music. i'ma dump some shit on ya'll, chronologically (dating from 67' to 04') because naturally the best albums came first but that statement is in no way talking down on the newer albums.

Songs of Leonard Cohen

Songs from a Room

Songs of Love and Hate

New Skin for the Old Ceremony

Death of a Ladies' Man

Recent Songs

Various Positions

I'm Your Man

The Future

Ten New Songs

Dear Heather

* here are his 4 live albums:

Live Songs (73')

Cohen Live: Leonard Cohen in Concert

Field Commander Cohen: Tour of 1979

Live in London (09')

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