Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fishing With John

Fishing with John Lurie....oh man i love this show. The humor is great, the dead silence that hits the screen for minutes at the time is actually always enjoyable, the narration is one of a fucking kind, no one is even close to being fishing experts so it gives a more personal feel, and best of all, the guests are some of the most unique "famous" individuals ever. I mean come on, I KNOW you always wondered what it'd be like to shack up with Willem Dafoe and go fishing the next morning somewhere random as hell in northern Maine. Or go hunting sharks with maybe one of the kookiest film directors of all time, Jim Jarmusch. Or what about floating down stream singing tunes with Tom Waits. I mean what other show gave you this kind of stuff. It's like a talk show, but nothing is contrived, awkwardness is embraced and there's no annoying mother fucker like Leno hounding you question after question. You really learn stuff about these guys, no acts, no bullshit, just a pair of dudes having a good time fishing. Minimalism at it's finest. Oh and you really can't talk up how fuckin' cool John Lurie is in every episode either. Here's a few gems, via youtube-ism.

Did you think I was going to leave you hanging without the soundtrack? The voice overs of Robb Webb! Those are classics! I need to ringtone some of them, I really do. Also, let's not forget how talented John Lurie is in the music department as well.

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