Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Moon Duo-ism

Moon Duo is Ripley Johnson from Wooden Shjips. He hails from San Francisco. He has a long black beard with spices of grey. He is rumored to be a master of cunninglingus. Legend Has It: As soon as it's time for foreplay, he sneaks off into the nearby washroom to "freshen up". A splash of water on the penis here, a swipe of the testicles with a wash rag there, and then the masterpiece is set into motion. He begins to braid his beard into the shape of a perfect rubber dong, 10 minutes later, he has a hair dong that could rival any dildo in the industry. The long and voluptuous process of cunninglingus awaits for the mistress. He dips deep down, his tongue has a lock on sensor for the clitoris. He hears the internal beeping go off, beep...beep...beep. You may think his beard has the texture of a Brillo pad, this is not the case. It's more like the thick tail of a beautiful mare. If you've never spent time on the farm, you do not truly know the beauty of this said tail. My cousin Miguel once cut off the tail of the family's mare, retreated to the back shed and wrapped it gently around his penis and began to fap till glory burst out of his teenage cock. But this is about Ripley, not little Miguel. The insertion of the hair dong is done like a veteran, smooth and effortless. He rocks his jaw back and forth to insert the braided beard in and out of the vagina, as his manly tongue filps and flaps like a fish John Lurie just caught off the coast of the Cayman Islands. Women, make like a U2 roadie and follow this man around, city to city. Get lost in his psychedelic trance of sound and then find yourself in awe of the bedroom tactics of a true man.

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