Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Story Time

This is something a friend of mine wrote on a message board we both frequent. One night with Cuba Gooding Jr, alcohol, homage to Boyz In The Hood, love and realism.

"Last night was crazy. I went down to open mic night at one of my favorite bars. I ended up freestyling on stage with these 2 dudes and who else but Cuba Gooding Jr. He's in the city filming for another straight to dvd movie or some shit. Anyways, he got up on stage and grabbed the mic from me and started talking shit....I grabbed it back and basically told to his face I thought he was wack and that only thing he ever did worth mentioning was Boyz In The Hood. He was with these 2 wannabe biker dudes and they came up to me and tried to tell me I better watch it....hahaha....I spit in the one dudes face and told him to get the fuck off the block. Cuba got pissed and just took off down the street and as he walked away I was yelling out "Tre! Tre!...You leavin' Tre?..hahahahaha". That dude has been here before and he's not very friendly so fuck it....I don't give a fuck if he's a celebrity or not.....dude is an asshole."
- Jason aka 1992 aka '92 aka Class of 1992 aka 455 aka The Mechanic

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