Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dude's on Earth (Fag Lines)

Yo the saga begins, its dude war
I have wet balls be the first to wipe em off
My cause kiss all jaws lay down laws
We takin what's yours we blow cumshots on doors
Here come the deez tryin to make sleaze and cock sauce
In full force my team'll mouthfuck your main source
We're not tourists, lick asses and take hostage
Your whole setup, from the ground up, we love dick
Cum flood your eye, fuck up your optics
Switch to homo instincts 'fore niggaz bump tips
Yo nigga Noyd where's ya cockpiece? Nine pounds of hot dick
Ninety-six cum back with more queer shit
Masturbate my team'll blow like, ejaculation
With no time for condoms, or complication
Let's make love right, my dick airtight
Trapped in a never ending cumfight so niggaz lose wifes
to fag lifes, jail niggaz sendin std's to the street
Over some cock that wasn't fully cooked, finish em off
Well done meat, that said dirty butt plug to your head
Cum travels all the way down to your leg

Chorus: together

Aiyyo it's Dude's on earth, whose next or gonna be first
The projects is fag lines, and the enema is one time
I ain't gotta smell you
I just shoot cum your eyes
(repeat 2X)

We like the QBC, nigga taste me it's all love
ballsack stacked down, heavenly guarded by mushroom tips dun
Then cack down, on wannabe thugs adapt to fag sound
And wipe down, slow the fuck up, Im bout to cank now
Articulate, suckin body parts to start shiftin shit
Never hesitant, it's the cack game unlimited
Summon more dudes, we can do this, forever gayin' it
Then reminesce, twenty years later how we was gettin it
Either inside me or against me with cum you better hit me
jackin me or toungeing me niggaz better finish me
Cause i hate blue balls and niggaz, talkin like bitches
Bitches singin like snitches, jackin off to you in pictures
Cause he rep the QBC homoly, playa datin me
All that queer shit, is just makin me
More the gayer, then concentrate on gettin laid y'eah
If homey canks you up his shit tastes and smells better, I told you
kiss and hold you, Sun you, then I hold you
Like a pimp mind control you, d. pen. and and then I blow you
It'll be I, like I'm supposed to, the dick is coastal
bicurious and loco, ya hard dick physically fits
Hit you with shit, that'll leave a loose nigga stiff
Probably thick, Son I creamed em
Pulled him in my world then i weened him to gay off
taste the balls like, around the way fags the average reststop
HOMOCity GuyFather Part III, Faggot Gambino
And No Titties, Scarface rest in peace...

I wrote this shit for the older heads Mark Desouza, Andy Ohlin, Chris Goulet, & Bobby Poole aka The Four Duos. Thanks for everything. Really.

some of my favorite quotes from the first two of these assholes, with whom I've felt the closest:

MD-"Got a dick all relaxed." and "I'll bring wisdom to your crotch."

AO-"I'm just over here chillin' like a stinky." and "There's been an accident. shit the couch again."

Fuckin hate you guys.


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